Bye Bugs! How to Make Homemade Insect Repellent

Dengue fever can affect anyone, including infants and small children. One precautionary measure you can take to prevent dengue-carrying mosquitoes is to prepare your own homemade insect repellent.

Every year, especially during the start of the rainy season, the public is advised to take steps to dengue-proof their homes. A simple yet effective way to avoid dengue is to apply insect repellents on the skin.

Insect repellents are readily available in stores, but if you are wary of ingredients that may irritate your child’s skin, you can opt to make your own at home. Homemade insect repellent is made using natural ingredients so they are generally safe and non-toxic.

Here are some homemade insect repellent variations you can try:

Citronella insect repellent


1 tbsp. alcohol
1 tbsp. olive oil
10 drops castor oil
10 to 15 drops citronella oil

How to prepare

1.    Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

2.    Pour into a spray bottle.


Lemongrass insect repellent 


1 cup lemongrass, chopped
1 cup citronella leaves, chopped
2 cups water

1 tbsp. essential oil

How to prepare

1.    Mix chopped lemongrass and citronella leaves in a blender.

2.    Add essential oil and mix.

3.    Add lemongrass and citronella mixture to boiling water.

4.    Boil for a few minutes.

5.    Drain using a strainer and pour into a spray bottle.


Lemon-based insect repellent


2 lemons, sliced

2 cups of water


How to prepare

1.    Add lemon slices to boiling water.

2.    Boil for a few minutes.

3.    Let mixture cool, then drain using a strainer.

4.    Pour into a spray bottle.


Insects are repelled by the strong citrus-y odors of the ingredients. But because these are mild, you will need to re-apply every 1-2 hours.

During the rainy season where dengue is most prevalent, it’s important to take precaution. Take steps to improve your child’s immunity and prevent them from getting bitten by a mosquito in the first place.